Diamond Dog Trailer

WWE’s AJ Lee showing love for Hideo Kojima’s masterpiece.

Shown off by HIDEO KOJIMA, new RevolMini’s Cyborg Ninja designed by Yoji Shinkawa. Available 10/25.

Art by cleanlined.tumblr.com

Amazing Skullface cosplay from our fan Mark Wesker! What do you think of it?

Now this is the SNES that Super Castlevania IV was made for playing on! Check out more pics of this Castlevania-inspired SNES and more amazing system mods at: http://www.vaduamka.com/

MGS V Ground Zeroes is coming to Steam December 18th 1975.

P.T. X Minecraft Mash-Up!

Brazilian Club Teams are official for PES 2015! https://www.konami.com/news21.php

MGS GZ, Lords of Shadow 2, MGS HD Collection and 22 other Konami titles are on sale at 50% off on PSN til October 6th.